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Cara Mudah Download Logo Universitas Sutomo untuk Kebutuhan Akademik

Download Logo Universitas Sutomo

If you are looking for a quality education in Indonesia, you might want to consider Universitas Sutomo. This is a private university that is located in Serang, Banten. It was founded in 2021 by Yayasan Sasmita Jaya, which also manages Universitas Pamulang and STIKes Widya Dharma Husada. Universitas Sutomo offers 13 undergraduate programs in various fields, such as economics, law, science, social sciences, engineering, and computer science. It has a modern campus with a foreign-style concept and a motto of "Gedung Mewah, Biaya Murah, Insya Allah Berkah" (Luxurious Building, Affordable Cost, God Willing Blessing).

Studying at Universitas Sutomo can give you many benefits, such as:

download logo universitas sutomo

  • Access to qualified and experienced lecturers who are experts in their fields

  • Opportunity to learn from various sources, such as books, journals, online courses, and e-learning platforms

  • Exposure to diverse cultures and perspectives from students and faculty members

  • Participation in various academic and non-academic activities, such as research, community service, sports, arts, and clubs

  • Preparation for future careers and challenges in the global market

One of the ways to show your pride and identity as a student or alumni of Universitas Sutomo is by using its logo. The logo of Universitas Sutomo is a symbol of its vision, mission, values, and achievements. It represents the spirit of excellence, innovation, collaboration, and service that Universitas Sutomo strives for. The logo also reflects the history and culture of Indonesia, especially Banten. Therefore, downloading and using the logo of Universitas Sutomo can help you express your affiliation and appreciation for this university.

How to Download the Logo of Universitas Sutomo

Downloading the logo of Universitas Sutomo is very easy and simple. You can do it in just five steps:

  • Visit the official website of Universitas Sutomo at

  • Find the logo section on the homepage. It is located on the top left corner of the website.

  • Right-click on the logo image and choose "Save image as" from the menu that appears.

  • Choose a destination folder and a file name for the logo. You can save it as a JPEG or PNG file.

  • Click "Save" and enjoy your logo.

Tips and Tricks for Using the Logo of Universitas Sutomo

Now that you have downloaded the logo of Univers itas Sutomo, you might want to use it for various purposes. For example, you might want to use it for your website, social media, presentation, or other projects. However, you might also want to customize the logo to suit your needs and preferences. Here are some tips and tricks for using the logo of Universitas Sutomo:

How to Resize and Crop the Logo Image

Sometimes, you might need to adjust the size and shape of the logo image to fit your design or layout. You can use any image editing software or online tool to resize and crop the logo image. For example, you can use , which is a free online photo editor that works like Photoshop. Here are the steps to resize and crop the logo image using Photopea:

  • Open Photopea in your browser and click "File" > "Open" to upload the logo image.

  • Click "Image" > "Image Size" to change the width and height of the logo image. You can enter the desired values in pixels or percentage. You can also check the "Constrain proportions" box to maintain the aspect ratio of the logo image.

  • Click "OK" to apply the changes.

  • Click "Crop" tool on the left toolbar to select a part of the logo image that you want to keep. You can drag the corners and edges of the selection area to adjust it.